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Are Wood Floors Worth the Investment?

Are Wood Floors Worth the Investment?

When you're considering flooring options for your home the biggest dilemma is usually wood floors or carpet? While they are the most popular flooring options in many American homes, one is starting to outshine the other (in more ways than one). Wood flooring is taking precedence over carpet in that 64% of all homebuyers are willing to pay more for them. So in short, yes wood floors are worth the investment.

There are several reasons for this trend:

Wood flooring has a better return on investment.

If you know you're eventually going to sell your home, it is a great investment to make. How much money you get back from your investment depends on your particular home and region, but you can usually expect to get back 50 to 75 percent, if you invest wisely. Wood flooring is always going to be an upgrade compared to carpet.

Wood flooring does not need to be replaced as often as carpet does.

Over time, wood floors cost very little to upkeep. Stains and smells can accumulate over time no matter how well you take care of your carpet.

Wood flooring is easy to style.

When you try to sell your home, your style may not exactly match the style of your prospective buyers. Carpet styles varies and can greatly affect the way someone perceives your home. Wood floors, on the other hand, are easy to style with almost any decorating taste and I can really open up the room. It gives it an air of sophistication and cleanliness.

All in all, wood floors are worth, and always will be worth the investment!


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