Residential Project List

Rustic Home - Woodward, OK

The flooring for this beautiful addition was sourced from the family's 120 year old barn in Woodward, Oklahoma. The milled siding was transformed into a unique look that you can easily imagine seeing in your favorite magazine!

Contemporary Home – Northwest OKC

Here's what 950 square feet of American Walnut can do to the beauty of a home. Using 5 inch width pieces really brought out the character of the wood and warmed the atmosphere of the home. Cameron and Jennifer elected for a complete remodel of this portion of their residence. Wow, what a difference!

Historic Home - Norman, OK

Here’s a beautiful home that was completely refinished. We added on to the kitchen and performed two floor furnace repairs. Mrs. Leach decided upon a color called Nutmeg and the finish we applied was Bona-X Traffic.