Decorative Techniques

Hand Scraped

Hand scraped wood floors are one of the hottest trends in flooring today. Before the industrial revolution, most wood floors were hand scraped, now in an age of engineered and prefinished floors, its the exception rather than the norm. Aimed at imitating vintage techniques and style of the past, hand scraped floors provide that distinct, rustic look with charm and character that makes a home more desirable. This technique is created by hand, plank by plank, using a variety of tools to achieve an aged, distinct look.

While at the more expensive end of the spectrum especially if paired with an expensive wood, hand scraped flooring tends to accept new scuffs, scrapes, dents and blemishes in stride. In fact, it can be the most wearable type of floor you can own. Damage from pets, kids, and floor traffic seem to blend right in.


The trend towards wide planks continues to get, well, wider for 2016. In the not-to-distant past, planks were common up to five inches. Today five inches is often the minimum with planks up to twelve inches wide and lengths up to six feet considered highly desirable. The overall look and feel can be customized using either multiple plank widths for a more historically accurate floor or uniform for that modern appeal.


Wood floor inlays come in a variety of variations including medallions, parquet, panel, borders and corner accents. A nice addition to your plank flooring, inlays allow you to make the ultimate expression of creativity in your project. Medallions are readily available in sizes from 10 inches up to 74 inches and can be round, oval, octagon, or rectangular. Inlays vary in design by manufacturer and many can be used universally with both engineered and plank floors if installed correctly.

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