School Gym Flooring

When you walk into a school gymnasium, the gym floor is often the focal point. Student athletes care about the surface they'll be playing on. Coaches are concerned with things like traction, shock absorption and the overall playability of the surface. School officials worry more about the long term investment and immediate impact it will make on the lives of their students. Parents want a safe, quality environment for their kids to play and to enjoy watching them. A great gymnasium floor addresses the needs of everyone.

The Multi-Purpose Gym Floor

Bruckwood believes that the materials and construction of your floor should be dictated by the primary use. We can customize the striping for multiple sports and activities including basketball, aerobics and volleyball to make it a true sport court. Beyond that, aesthetics are important. That's why we incorporate school colors and logos into the overall aesthetics.

From a technical standpoint, we understand how to balance friction, shock absorption and ball rebound. This allows your gym floor to provide the best experience across the spectrum of activities including gym class, official games and presentations or performances.

Qualities of a Bruckwood Multi-Use Gym Floor

  • Very Affordable
  • Excellent Comfort and Safety
  • Both Durable and Resilient
  • Handles High Traffic While being Versatile

Installation or Repair, We do it All!

Is a makeover of your current gymnasium floor more in the budget? We can perform a simple screen and recoat or, if warranted, a sanding and refinish. Rest assured that our integrity will shine through when we discuss what it will take to bring your schools' gym floor back to its glory days of years past.

Need Something More Specialized?

If your floor needs to be designed for a single purpose, such as a floating floor for dance or a true basketball court, we can take care of you. Bruckwood is your source for wood floor experts.

Want to discuss gym flooring ideas and options?

We can provide a solid plan for installation or renovation based on your needs.

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