Basketball Court Flooring

Basketball Court

Basketball Court Flooring: What to Consider

Consistency is important if you want to preserve the play of the game. Even small differences in yield, feel, and flatness affect the consistency of the basketball floor. A great court features the perfect combination of ball rebound, friction and shock absorption. The surface should be hard and solid, so that the ball can bounce consistently.

A Little Science

Optimal friction is achieved when the surface finish is the right consistency. This allows an athlete to be sure-footed on the court reducing the chance of injury.

Proper shock absorption results in a floor that has some 'give' upon impact. This action softens the impact that travels upwards though the athlete's joints reducing wear, tear and injury.

Ball rebound describes how a ball plays off the surface and back to an athlete as a result of a dribble or bounce pass. It has a distinct 'feel' and a distinct sound that has to be right or you don't have a basketball floor.

Maple: The Basketball Hardwood

Despite advances in surface technologies, most athletes still prefer a hardwood floor. In fact, all professional and collegiate leagues feature hardwood basketball courts. Sure its tradition, but hardwood courts are also durable and impact resistant.
The most popular basketball hardwood is maple. It has enough yield to keep a ball bouncing without dampening its speed. Maple is dense with fine fibers, making it resistant to splintering. Because it is tightly grained, the resulting surface is smooth. This is important when considering maintenance as dirt and debris cleans up easily.

Other Acceptable Hardwoods for Basketball

Although maple is the choice for professional play, it can be expensive. That's why many local and school gymnasiums choose a less expensive hardwood. Choose a material that has the proper strength to withstand the rigors of the game of basketball. Otherwise you'll spend more in costly floor repairs and maintenance.

To compare, consider the Janka Scale of wood flooring hardness. It indicates the durability and strength of different species of hardwood.

Species Hardness Factor
Maple 1400
White Oak 1250
Pine 1200
Fir 660

(higher scores show greater strength)

Installation or Repair, We do it All!

Bruckwood can install your basketball court at a competitive rate while maintaining the quality you expect. Check out what we did for the Thunder Girls

Is a makeover of your current basketball floor more in the budget? We can perform a simple screen and recoat or, if warranted, a sanding and refinish. Rest assured that our integrity will shine through when we discuss what it will take to bring your basketball court back to its glory days of years past.

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