Rustic hardwood flooring in living room with natural light from window.

Rustic Home - Woodward, OK

The flooring for this beautiful addition was sourced from the family's 120 year old barn in Woodward, Oklahoma. The milled siding was transformed into a unique look that you can easily imagine seeing in your favorite magazine!

This project consisted of the installation of 850 square feet of random width barn siding that was approximately 3/4 inch thick. After installation, we hand scraped side bevels to accentuate the random widths of the planks. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the siding, we elected to sand the whole floor by hand. After we completed the sanding, four seal coats and an additional five coats of water-based polyurethane were applied. Although this is almost three times the typical amount of finish, this rustic hardwood flooring project required more attention to get the results that the Hensal family was seeking. Want to use reclaimed wood in Oklahoma? We can help!

What do they think about their wood floor project?

We have a beautiful home here in Woodward, Oklahoma, and we added on a 1000 square-foot addition. Mike and I decided to take some of the old barn siding from our 120-year-old barn and have it milled into flooring. We hired Bruckwood to install, sand sculpt and finish these beautiful pieces of wood. The result was a one of a kind floor that we are very proud of.

Mrs Hensal, Woodward

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